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Low Maintenance and Durability

Verosol's Streamline Venetian Blinds are a great low maintenance and highly durable option for window coverings. They are made from roll formed aluminium rails and slats that are stove enamelled for extra strength and corrosion resistance.

Maintaining and cleaning your Venetians is easily done with an occasional dust with a feather duster or wipe with a damp cloth. This means they are an ideal solution for domestic and commercial applications.

Complete Light Control and Privacy

Venetian Blinds offer practical light regulation and privacy control. Control the amount of sunlight entering the room with the ability to adjust the angle of the blades from completely open to completely closed. By adjusting the blade angles, you can achieve high levels of privacy, yet still allowing natural light to filter through.

You can also draw the blinds all the way up for an uninterrupted view. These options make the Venetian a highly versatile blind for controlling light and privacy.

Colour Options

With a streamlined look, Venetian Blinds add a stylish, contemporary touch to a room. Choose from a wide range of colour options to make a bold statement or create a relaxed feel to blend in with your home or office. There are also a range of finishes available such as metallic and matte.

Streamline Venetians are available with a variety of control options including Mono Control.

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