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Heat and Light Control

Verosol's signature product. Pleated Blinds are the ideal solution for heat and light control. With minimal light gaps. Pleated Blinds effectively reduce glare giving you a comfortable living and working environment.

Combine Verosol's Pleated Blinds with our metallised fabrics for superior UV and heat protection, keeping our home or office cool in summer and warm in winter. The Originals Fabric Collection offers a vibrant palette of 36 colours.


The unique honeycomb structure of VeroCell Pleated Blinds provides effective insulation for windows, keeping your home or office cool in summer and warm in winter. The cellular design traps air in the cells creating an effective temperature transfer barrier between the window and the inside room resulting in a comfortable indoor climate.

As well as energy savings, VeroCell Blinds are also ideal for heat and light control. The metallised backing protects furniture from harmful UV rays and eliminates glare, whilst still allowing natural light to enter.


The Twin Pleated Blind is extremely practical giving you the option to select two fabrics. Select a sheer fabric to enjoy the daytime view with subtle light filtering, and select a blackout fabric for privacy and room darkening and insulation at night.

With the Duo Pleated Blind you have the option to raise the blind in the conventional way or from the top down towards the window sill, making it useful for when privacy is required down low but sunlight is required. Due Pleats are ideal for bathrooms.


A major advantage of Verosol's Pleated Blinds is the availability of a vast range of different shapes and configurations to accommodate even the most obscure window.

Verosol offers a range of operable and non-operable special shaped blinds, including Conservatory/Skylight Pleats, Triangular, Circular, Arched and Fixed Frame Pleats. Custom shaped blinds for virtually any opening are available.

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