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Timeless Elegance

Whether you are looking to create a classic or contemporary look, Roman Blinds are a perfect solution. They provide the soft appeal of a curtain with the simplicity of a blind.

Verosol Roman Blinds are easy to operate, with the choice of the Cascade chain control or Mode motorised. With its clean lines the Roman Blind provides a sleek and modern appearance with a large range of fabric options available.

Privacy and Insulation

In summer, Roman Blinds help keep the room cool, especially when using Verosol's metallised fabric. Whilst in winter they provide good insulation as they reduce the amount of heat escaping through windows, making the Roman an energy efficient blind all year round.

Fabric Options

A wide range of fabric options are available making the Roman Blind a versatile solution for any interior. The large variety of decorative fabrics and colour palettes means it will be easy to coordinate the blinds with the decor of your home or office.

Verosol's unique high performance fabric Silver Screen is also suitable for use on Roman Blinds. The metallised backing of this fabric offers unparalleled UV protection for your interior furnishings. as well as providing effective insulation and excellent vision out.

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